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  • Kanus am Strand.
  • Kanus am Faaker See
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  • Kanutreffen Nachtfahrt
  • Kanu im Uferwald
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  • Kanu am See.
  • Kanus im Uferwald
  • Kanu am Strand.
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Canoe Meeting 2020

AOC Canoe Meeting 2020 (21.5.2020 - 24.5.2020)

Glide across the clear, clean, 20 degree warm lake water in a canoe.
Explore the nature reserve and go around the Faaker lake island.
Camp in the forest, enjoy warm evenings by the bonfire- experience spring, freedom and nature.

Since 2008 the AOC canoe meeting takes place here every year.
170527 kanutreffen 23
170527 kanutreffen 23

There are numerous trips out, lessons in how to steer a canoe, canoes to try out and buy, and expert tips from the colleagues Wolfgang Hölbling, Günther Lehner and Heinz Amler.

Feuer am Strand.
Feuer am Strand.

What’s more, we offer exciting courses such as how to navigate whatever the weather or a tour of our outdoor kitchen under the heading: “fire, herbs and wild vegetables”.

Particularly well-loved is the full-moon tour and you will still have ample time alongside all this to enjoy the campsite lifestyle in its original form.

And if the kitchen doesn’t appeal to you- then there’s also our great restaurant ;-)
Kanu Zelt.
Kanu Zelt.

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The canoe meeting also goes very well with our 7 day special offer!