In April the first canoeists come to us – and that until late October – and as outdoor enthusiasts with their buses and tipis they fit perfectly into our simple forest along the banks. From your tent and the flat beach you can set sail directly. Paddling stars like Becky Mason and Reid McLachlan have already visited us in Carinthia – and spent a few days with colleagues at our Uferwald. And with the AOC Canoe Meeting we have a cozy, fine meeting with some of the best paddlers in Europe – and have been for over 10 years.

Canoe & photo workshop

You know your camera, get a canoe for this 2 day photo tour. Paddling in & getting to know the boat possible the day before. 150€/person.
By & with Wolfgang Hölbling ( ccb )
April 25 & 26, May 28 & 29 and October 5 & 6

Canoe course

2 day course. You get a Swift canoe & learn everything you need to know to be safe with an open canoe on flat and mild flowing water. By & with Wolfgang Hölbling ( ccb )
27. & 28.4. and 25. & 26.5.

Rental at Lake Faaker: Kayak & Canoe Center Faaker See