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  • Canyoning in der Tscheppaschlucht.
  • Canyoning in der Tscheppaschlucht- Augut 2015
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Canyoning in the Tscheppa Gorge

Canyoning is a really new and particularly exciting way to travel across gorges.

Clear mountain water, currents, waterfalls and gravity are the elements that will push you across the canyon.  
Our canyoning tours take place in the Tscheppa gorge in Rosental, in the very south of Carinthia.

What do you have to do exactly?
Canyoning is an unbelievable way to experience nature and the Tscheppa gorge is one of the most beautiful places in Carinthia. After a short climb up through the gorge, you will reach the Tschauko waterfall.  

Here you will go into the water. You will get used to the water temperature, the currents and the force of the falling water. There will then be constantly increasing high plunges Sprünge in crystal clear water pools, water slides & cable cars which rapidly take you from top to the bottom.
Canyoning in der Tscheppaschlucht.
Canyoning in der Tscheppaschlucht.

Unlike via ferratas and mountain climbing, the main focus of this isn’t on the physical challenge but far more on overcoming your fears.
Canyoning Sprung
Canyoning Sprung

Overcoming fears and daring oneself are what many people who take part in canyoning cherish and take away with them from their holiday.

What’s so special about our tour?
You can manage any difficulties in a way that ideally fits you and skip certain parts. It is possible to jump from a height of up to 8m, however, if you don’t want to you don’t have to and you can also skip all the jumps. This means the right amount of challenge is guaranteed for all!

-You will set off from our campsite (including transfers)
-Takes place every Friday and Saturday from July to mid-September
Book your place here.
-Travel time is roughly 50 minutes
-Trip duration: 4-5 hours
-Age: 14 years and over
-Wetsuits, helmets etc. are available to you at our mountaineering school
-What to pack: sports shoes, as these could get wet, a towel, a backpack with dry clothing, swimwear, camera ;-)
Ab zum Canyoning.
Ab zum Canyoning.

-Specially trained canyoning guides, above all Gerald Sagmeister, the likeable boss of the canyoning unit will accompany you.

Read about personal experiences on our blog.

Extreme Canyoning: The Great Tscheppa Gorge
The great Tscheppa gorge is lined by cliff faces which are nearly 100m high and is a unique spectacle of nature. In contrast to shorter and easier variations, in this breathtaking location there are also lengths which have to be swum in order to be passed. Jumps from heights of up to 8 metres can’t be skipped but can be overcome by abseiling down the waterfall.  

This is a unique experience for the fearless!

Dates and queries.

The canyoning tours are dependent on the water levels, which means the water should not be too high.

Events: Alpinschule Highlife.