• In den Tiefen der Petzen.
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  • Unser Team bei der Höhlenkanu Tour.

Cave Canoeing

This takes place somewhere in Slovenia, in a small mining town and through an unassuming entrance in the mountain – through a labyrinth several hundred kilometres in length. And loads of flooded passageways.

In the depths of the Petzen Mountain you can set off on your own on a canoe tour. This is an amazing adventure. The only source of light will be from your headlamp – if it goes out you will be completely in the dark.
In den Tiefen der Petzen.
In den Tiefen der Petzen.

Our test subject Petra rates it like this: "The cave canoe trip is for relatively sporty people with low levels of claustrophobia, who are looking for something different to the average mass tourist experience. The groups are small, the setting is very authentic and the atmosphere is a little wild".
Unser Team bei der Höhlenkanu Tour.
Unser Team bei der Höhlenkanu Tour.

It’s very authentic & unique.
Last but not least, this is a sustainable project and part of the Geopark Karavanke sustainable tourism initiative.

Want to go camping in May & June:
July & August:

-Own transport in a convoy from the campsite
-Travel time: 1h
-Tour duration roundtrip from the campsite: 7 hours

What to pack:
- dry clothing to change into
- sports/hiking shoes

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