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  • Der Natur auf der Spur
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  • Villa Kunterbunt
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  • Aufführung
  • Fahrradparade
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  • Malen2
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For Kids

Our campsite is the best place for kids to have a really enjoyable holiday experience. The forested campsite is an open, safe area for the little ones to run around in and to play, while surrounded by nature. Here they can enjoy the holidays while doing what they want. The kids love exploring the campsite with their bikes or with our go-karts…and many generations of children have learnt how to buy things alone in our kiosk ;-)

Gocart Racer
Gocart Racer

The kids take a splash in the warm lake water at our beach which leads flatly into the lake. They learn to swim or let their imaginations run wild by building sandcastles.
Am Strand 3
Am Strand 3

The bathing temperatures from mid-May to the end of September and the mild climate of Carinthia round off this enjoyable experience.

What makes us a perfect family holiday destination?

More about Villa Kunterbunt, the forest experience & the Punch and Judy Show.

Roland beim Campen.
Roland beim Campen.