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Restaurant, Kiosk & Co

Our A La Carte restaurant right on the shores of the lake is one of the best in the area.Opening Hours

What we cook:
We proudly serve Carinthian (with a great variety of Alpe-Adria flavors) - Austrian – international and Asian cuisine.

Past time has influenced our kitchen and menu over many decades.
Omas Küche.
Omas Küche.

Once founded by our grandmother Rotraut (who was still cooking the cuisine typical of the Imperial and Royal era), our kitchen was cultivated and expanded by my mother Christine throughout the following years. Our offering widely expanded and changed as we ourselves developed, discovered and learned.

Throughout the years, every head chef has left their personal footprint in our kitchen. Our current head chef, Robert, spent many years traveling and working in Asia and he returned to Austria with many unique recipes, spices and ideas.

His Indonesian and Wok dishes are our specialty as well as Austrian dishes prepared Asian-style.

From 07.00 AM until late at night, we serve freshly baked goods, milk, drinks and beverages, coffee, cakes and homemade pizzas to-go.
Opening Hours

What we love:
• Good coffee (our beans are roasted in Trieste, Italy) and our very famous Apple Strudel, as well as a variety of other cakes and ice creams
pure enjoyment!
pure enjoyment!

• Regional products for example fresh berries and mushrooms harvested right on our property and fresh fish from our neighboring valley. We enjoy cooking with regional products and use these whenever we can.
Forelle Müllerin.
Forelle Müllerin.
• Good wine . our vintners (located everywhere between the Kamptal, Neusiedler See and Isonzo/Soca) are our friends – we carefully selected our wine list after a few heavy wine-tasting tours throughout all regions.

• Our Homemade Schnapps, cider and apple juice which we distill and press from our own harvest.
181008 apfelernte 33
181008 apfelernte 33

Reife Ernte.
Reife Ernte.

• Our water. it is filtered from our private natural springs around the Mittagskogel. Not only does our lake get its turquoise color from our water, we also use it as a base for most of our homemade lemonades and soft drinks.
See & Mittagskogel
See & Mittagskogel

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