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Going camping without a car?

Tuesday, 2018-02-13
Camping without a car? That’s not a problem- in fact, more and more people are doing it:
A lot of our campers come to us by bike, on foot or by public transport.
How to reach us:

By bike:
Some like to cycle along the Drau bike trail, from Upper Carinthia via Rosental and further onto Maribor.

Others like to go to mountain bike “Tour 3” on the 3 countries tour here next to us and last year a lot of our guests who stayed here had used the Ciclovia Alpine Adriatic bike trail from Salzburg to the sea towards Grado.
Landkarte Tour3
Landkarte Tour3

On foot:
Quite a few hikers, who have hiked on trails which come past our campsite have come to us. Some of these trails are, for example, the Alpine Adriatic Trail – an exciting trail, which runs from the Großglockner Mountain over to the Faaker Lake all the way to the Adriatic Sea, or the Way of St. James- which takes pilgrims from church to church until they reach Spain. We’ve really had hikers from far and wide honour us with a stay who were travelling all the way to Spain on foot. These adventurers fit in perfectly here with us and our role as a basecamp.  
Am Jakobsweg: Nur noch 3000km - Rast am Faaker See am Weg nach Santiago!
Am Jakobsweg: Nur noch 3000km - Rast am Faaker See am Weg nach Santiago!

By public transport:
Lots of campers come by bus or train to our campsite. Villach is an important transport hub and the next train station, Faak am See, is only 2km from the campsite. We also offer a pick-up service from the Faak am See train station.
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Reach us with the following great connections: Railway, Airplane, Bus etc. you will find connections on the following link Connect Villach

There is also a shuttle service from the Villach train station (including bike transfer).