• Uferwald
  • Stellplatz am Morgen.
  • Morgenstimmung am Camping.
  • Zelt am Camping
  • Morgenstimmung. Alle noch im Zelt.
  • Zelteln im Uferwald
  • Fruehstueck am See
  • Ein Platz im Uferwald.
  • Zelt im Uferwald im August.
  • Zelt im Uferwald
  • Im Uferwald
  • Zelt am Campingplatz
  • Ein Zelt im Uferwald
  • Vorm Zelt
  • Zeltplatz am See
  • Campinglife
  • Ein Zelt am Weg 11. Zweite Ansicht.
  • Ein Zelt am Weg 11. Zweite Ansicht.
  • Am Campingplatz neu
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Our camping plots

The Anderwald campsite is located in a natural forest. Our camping plots are made up of trees, bushes and plants and have their own character.
Here you can set up camp anywhere in our forest, there are no designated sections or plot numbers, there’s even space enough for you to hang up your hammock!
Zelt im Uferwald im August.
Zelt im Uferwald im August.

There are large free camping plots and spaces big enough for 2 families, cosy private niches and small corners surrounded by trees for two-person tents. There are shady, sunny, quiet or lively plots; something to suit every taste and size, and all of this in the middle of nature.
The ground is made up of grit, gravel or forest soil.


You are welcome to book a plot at our campsite. We will not be able to allocate you any particular plot upon booking. Once you have arrived, we will show you all the possible camping plots and you can choose which one you like best. We have a very flexible booking system, which has proven to be a success for many years now, and is very popular with our visitors.  
A deposit is not necessary, you can spend your holidays at our campsite for as long as you wish, no fixed departure dates are necessary.