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Hermann and Sieglinde Aschwer are the motor of our fitness program. Hermann Aschwer is author of sports books, triathlete and finished the „Iron Man“ 40 times and also participated several times in the „Iron Man“ in Carinthia. Our trainers offer intensive support and adjustment to individual needs; this means that our program is suitable for everybody. Not only adults, children, seniors and families can participate, but also performance-oriented sportsmen and sportswomen get what they expect. Hermann Aschwer has already supported and trained a few Iron Man participants at the campsite.

A tip to get yourself informed and inspired:
Fitting the program, author Hermann Aschwer has written a basic introduction to get and stay fit: „Einfach Fit, die 2%Formel“ (published by Meyer&Meyer Verlag, Aachen, € 14,95).