We are celebrating our 70 year anniversary this year.

With the campsite it’s like with myself – because I never know exactly how old I am 😉 – In any case, in 2022 we’ll be celebrating 70 years of Camping Anderwald.Because at some point in the early 50s my grandfather Johann Anderwald started it in the Uferwald on Lake Faaker See , in the so-called “jungle”, to create an idyllic place for travelers.

That is still my mission today – we create a special and idyllic place for camping and traveling as gently as possible, with as much sensitivity as possible for people and nature. A year ago, one of the first guests of our campsite sent me the following lines:

I was one of the very first visitors to Anderwald camping with my parents. We protected it in 1952 (and later in 55 and 59) where we stayed for a week. The first time there wasn’t even a toilet on site, we had to go to Gruber (an agreement) there was a kiosk and a toilet behind it, we had to wash outside.
Herr Anderwald (probably the grandfather) came on a bicycle in the evening and chatted with us. At that time we were only about 20 tents in total on the two pitches. Bjarne Hansen

Today we have enough toilets etc. – and fortunately still many of the trees, some of which provided shade and atmosphere back then – and we still prefer to travel by bike ;-).

Do you have a picture of one of your stays with us that is important to you? A memory that touches you? A picture that means “Camping Anderwald” to you? Or a picture of you here at our campsite? Then please send it to office@campinganderwald.at – we would like to set up a very large photo wall at the campsite…

Among all entries we are giving away special prizes – from a bottle of homemade to a free stay at the campsite.

We look forward to your submissions & to the summer of 2022, we will celebrate the 70s several times between April and November – with a traditional church day in May, a jazz brunch at the canoe meeting, the bike week in September, Hermann Aschwer’s new book presentation (his 20th Sports book!!!) in which our campsite
plays an important role for the “triathlon legend”, guitar music at the campfire on the beach, etc. …
We are looking forward to it and hope that we will make you happy too!

Your Anderwalds