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What makes us an even more perfect family destination?

Villa Kunterbunt:
A much-loved meeting place for kids is Villa Kunterbunt. Here kids can play and do handicrafts with our kindergarten teacher Sandra. Together with the children, she organises events such as bicycle parades, theatre productions, fashion shows, night walks or disco evenings. Villa Kunterbunt is open 6 times a week from midday until the evening. The kids can come and go as they please.

Forest Experience:
A highlight for kids of 9 years or older. Starting from our campsite, once a week a ranger will be taking groups into the forest for a few hours- into the natural reserve area opposite the campsite. Part of the programme involves wading through the stream barefoot, observing animals or discovering particular plants, building dams, orienteering in the forest and to the exploration of nature.
Abenteuer Wald   im Bach
Abenteuer Wald   im Bach

On our newly designed playground, our little guests can really run wild surrounded by our close-to-nature climbing areas between spruce trees, hide in willow tents or create small architectural wonders in the sandpit.  

Punch and Judy Show:
Another highlight for our very little guests is our weekly Punch and Judy show.

Sports programme:
Should they still have energy reserves left over, our little and older guests can take part in our sports programme. A particular hit among our little sportspeople is our "Bamini run" including an awards ceremony and a little surprise as well as a weekly island swim accompanied by life guards. There is a points card and a surprise at the end of the holiday for everyone who participates in our sports programme.
Anderwald Nightrun
Anderwald Nightrun

Mountaineering programme:
For the slightly older (must be at least 140cm tall) our via ferrata at the Rotschitza waterfalls is also an exciting adventure. It’s just right for beginners- with out mountaineering school "high life", we will leave starting from the campsite into the mountains and to the waterfall. We will go up the cliff side and cross the waterfall 3 times across the rope bridge and then return downwards- an unforgettable thrill.
Ler’s also not forget the beautiful views over the Faaker lake. For more info on the mountaineering programme.
Klettersteig Rotschitza Wasserfall
Klettersteig Rotschitza Wasserfall

Naturally our toilets and washrooms are also fitted with kids’ sinks, toilets and a baby changing area and washroom (for both mums and dads) and children’s showers.

Our recreation room, pool table, table footbal table, table tennis table, game machines etc. are available to our young guests and are popular meeting points for the older children and teenagers.

Dear children, we look forward to seeing you!