• Morgenstimmung - Zelte am Camping Anderwald. Faaker See Kärnten Österreich
  • Geführte Bergtour   Rosennock
  • Abenteuer Wald   im Bach
  • Rund um den Faaker See
  • Über den Bach
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  • Panorama  Klettersteigtour Tour vom 14 7 2013 Hochstuhl(2237m), Karawanken
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  • Ausblick vom Tabor neu
  • Pause Klettersteigtour Tour vom 14 7 2013 Hochstuhl(2237m), Karawanken
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  • Rosennock (2440m Nockberge) am Beginn, 26.7.2012
  • Ein Zelt am Weg 11. Zweite Ansicht.
  • Rosennock (2440m Nockberge) Blick auf den See, 26.7.2012
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  • Corsi Hütte (1.874m Julische Alpen), 9.8 Aufstieg

What our guests like about us.

Why so many  return after having spent their first holiday with us:

Freedom and closeness to nature:
Camping holidays to us mean as much freedom and closeness to nature as possible.
And this is what we offer you at our campsite. Unconventional, unique pitching sites in our natural forest. Each one is different. Few rules and a lot of free space for grown-ups and children.A relaxed booking system with space for spontaneity.
Der Faaker See. Campen im Uferwald. Camping Anderwald.
Der Faaker See. Campen im Uferwald. Camping Anderwald.

This is also typical for Carinthia: Serenity, slowness, nonchalance and a pleasant summery, southerly zest for life. Lie back in a hammock, observe the squirrels and birds and enjoy nature.

Experience camping in its original, simplest and most beautiful form.

Our location and climate:
We’re located directly on the wonderful Badesee lake, surrounded by mountains and a landscape conservation area.
Ausblick vom Tabor neu
Ausblick vom Tabor neu

There are countless excursion destinations in this border triangle between Italy and Slovenia. Mediterranean flair, a pleasant climate and we’re officially the place with the most sunshine hours and a good 300 days of sun per year, making us Austria’s sunniest lake.

The Faaker lake is a much loved, vibrant holiday destination for families in summer, in July and August- and it’s equally vibrant here at our campsite. In the pre-season months it’s a lot calmer. May and June are popular with sports people and active holiday-makers, however, they are also popular months for hikers and early sun-seekers. What many people don’t know is that one can already go bathing in the lake in May and June until the end of September. May has also been declared "cycling month" at the Faaker lake- no matter whether for cycling with the family, bike racing or mountain biking- there is something that caters for all interests.
Inselschwimmen im Juli 2013.
Inselschwimmen im Juli 2013.

We’re an ideal location for you to take your early holidays as well as for the whitsun holidays. September and October are the most serene- there are culinary delicacies and wild game specialties, you can go foraging for wild mushrooms, go fishing, on leisurely walks and cycling in the colourful autumn forests and on the way get to see many traditional events.

Restaurant & cuisine:
This campsite has an unbelievably good restaurant- this is something we often hear people say. Freshly prepared, regional and seasonal food make up our secret recipe, of which our head chef Robert is also an important part. Just sit back on a mild evening on our terrace, look out over the lake and enjoy your holidays. More about the restaurant.

Low-Season Offers:
Our campsite’s special offer is unbeatable- 7 nights camping for 2 people + 1 meal in our restaurant. For more info regarding our offer.
Family-run business:
For 60 years, our family has been running the campsite. Being close to our guests, service and joy in all we do is something our guests can sense and very much appreciate. We love to offer you avice and tips and share in the enjoyment of our guests. We even write out Christmas post by hand ;-) and love organising family events with you, such as the midsummer festival on 21 June with a bonfire on the beach.

Our Sports Programme:
Hermann Aschwer will be your exclusive trainer here at the campsite. Hermann is in charge of the Everyman Programme (Jedermann Programm) which includes running, cycling and swimming. And people of all ages can take part, making this an absolutely unique programme. Many friendships are made here, many of you come here because of this programme. That’s why we have founded the sports club "Camping Anderwald Aktiv" in 2013. For more information on the sports programme.  

Our own mountaineering school:
Dare to go on a via ferrata for the first time or to use one to get to the top of a mountain. Many of you have begun to conquer the mountains with help from our guides at High Life (our mountaineering school) and you love hiking, canyoning, climbing and going on via ferratas- and all of this leaving from our campsite.
Pause Klettersteigtour Tour vom 14 7 2013 Hochstuhl(2237m), Karawanken
Pause Klettersteigtour Tour vom 14 7 2013 Hochstuhl(2237m), Karawanken

Our guided mountain bike tours + bike hire are also very popular- there are many beautiful routes in the Karawanken mountains especially for beginners.
For more info on the mountaineering programme.
Geführte Bergtour   Rosennock
Geführte Bergtour   Rosennock

Kids’ programme:
Our meeting point is "Villa Kunterbunt" for the smaller kids along with the kindergarten teacher and for the bigger kids it’s the recreation room. Brand new this year is our playground- it has been redone and rebuilt to include climbing elements which are close to nature. The children get to know each other quickly and can really let lose here in these safe areas.
Tatjana and her team
Tatjana and her team

A highlight for the kids are our go-karts- free to hire.
Once a week there is a forest programme for the older kids- a trained nature park ranger will you the animals in the forest and will help you get to know our nearby nature conservation area in a caring way.
Der Natur auf der Spur
Der Natur auf der Spur