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How it began

About 60 years ago, Johannes Anderwald sen. opened as one of the pioneers of tourism at Faaker See this campsite. He used this land that until then has only been regarded as pasture land and marshland.

The first guests benefitted from 3 outhouses and one electricity power point. Some years later, in 1965, our restaurant was established and was led by Rotraut Anderwald.

In the year 1975, the second oldest son, also named Johannes Anderwald, and his family took over the business. A lot has changed here since the beginnings.

But not only things have changed at the campsite, the houses and facilities have improved to getting more modern and spacious, but also around the entire lake.

Today there are 6 different campsites in this area and tourism has become one of the most important economic factors of our region.

Some things, however, have stayed the same, such as the clear and fresh water of the Faaker See, the intact environment, as well as our sincere wish to make your holidays really special.